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About Me

About Me

Hey, there welcome to the Illuminated and Lit Up Blog.  So about me, I am just a Midwest woman here from Southwest Michigan, learning along this journey of faith, lit with a fire and passion to serve God with humility and grace. Who was a southern bell for a short time in Middle Tennesse. But moved back to Michigan to my hometown that I love and adore.

Who also has struggles and insecurities just like everyone else and doesn't have everything figured out. Who also loves to find joy in life, even in the hard times and the good times. Who looks for the lovely moments in times of difficultly. Yet has persevered to find hope and joy in every single day through faith by encouraging others along the way.

And who aspires to be an incredible blogger, writer, and speaker who honors God with her life and words. But also, who is Lit by God's truth, his word, and most of all His unfailing love. And who is not afraid to speak the truth of God without fear and in love.

So if you are willing to come along this journey of learning what a journey of faith looks like with me, then pull up a chair grab a hot cup of coffee or latte and enjoy the journey.

Let me just be honest with you if you grab hot chocolate or tea it will probably not be strong enough, because if you sit at the table with me you're going to need a huge amount of espresso or caffeine to keep up. Now if you grab a strong cup of coffee then you're on the right track.

Especially, if it's a Carmel macchiato with three shots of espresso. So hold on tight to your faith, joy, but most of all your coffee. Plus if you're looking for a laugh or to laugh with someone then look no further.

The purpose of this blog is to illuminate God's love through the gospel of Jesus Christ with compassion and understanding by speaking the truth through encouragement.

Work Experience
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More About Elizabeth;

Hey there if you want to know more. I am a graduate of Grace Bible College with a Bachelors's degree in Leadership & Ministry.

Furthermore, I am an Author Coach with United House Publishing which is absolutely an amazing company to work for.

 Also, I love encouraging others by making them laugh or smile. I love to volunteer for youth ministry within my community and mentor fellow women in my spare time to follow hard after Jesus!

By helping them see how breaking free from insecurity is liberating and clinging to the steadfast love of God is satisfying.

Besides that, I love drinking large amounts of coffee and spending time with family and friends.

Furthermore, I am someone who also loves interior design as a side hobby and job! 

When I am not with family or friends, you can find me writing, speaking, blogging about Jesus, and sharing His love. Sharing Jesus with others and meeting people where they are at is what I love most in this life.

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Light Illuminates what is hiding in the darkness and takes away the fear but that is only possible with God because He created light and all of creation!

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